The Addu­Xi Group is a glo­bal fami­ly-owned busi­ness. Sin­ce 1996, we have been a com­pe­tent and relia­ble indus­tri­al part­ner, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in the auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try. We accom­pa­ny our custo­mers from the deve­lop­ment of the pro­duct to the start of pro­duc­tion. In addi­ti­on to the deve­lop­ment of the opti­mal pro­duc­tion pro­cess, the focus is also on cost-effec­tiveness for the custo­mer. Our employees pro­vi­de you with their many years of know-how and expe­ri­ence.

The high qua­li­ty of our pro­ducts and the con­stant inno­va­ti­on in our pro­ces­ses gua­ran­tee a stra­te­gic, future-ori­en­ted part­nership. We work on sta­te-of-the-art equip­ment and use the latest qua­li­ty and tes­ting methods.


  • AdduXi China

    AdduXi China

    Pro­duc­tion in Chi­na in part­nership with a Japa­ne­se com­pa­ny

  • AdduXi S.A.S.

    AdduXi S.A.S.

    Inau­gu­ra­ti­on of pro­duc­tion plant Addu­Xi III in Fran­ce

  • AdduXi, Inc.

    AdduXi, Inc.

    Inau­gu­ra­ti­on of sales office and pro­duc­tion faci­li­ty in Michi­gan, USA

  • AdduXi S.A.S.

    AdduXi S.A.S.

    Inau­gu­ra­ti­on of pro­duc­tion plant Addu­Xi II in Fran­ce

  • AdduXi España S.L.

    AdduXi España S.L.

    Ope­ning of a sales office in Spain

  • AdduXi Deutschland GmbH

    AdduXi Deutschland GmbH

    Ope­ning of a sales and deve­lop­ment office in Ger­ma­ny

  • AdaTis S.A.

    AdaTis S.A.

    Ope­ning of a pro­duc­tion site in Switz­er­land

  • AdduXi S.A.S.

    AdduXi S.A.S.

    Foun­ded by Alain Palis­se in Fran­ce